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"The world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us trying the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful." Roy Mustang (FMA)

miskiin gd’s hair please god help him

140930 G-Dragon at Chanel S/S 2015 Fashion Show in Paris


Nicki Minaj to host this year’s MTV EMAS on November 9, 2014.

daily reminder that sword art online sucks

rougedelice replied to your post:rougedelice replied to your post:red velvet is…

they’re doomed /// jyp is awesome and now i think any company is better than sm even yg who forgot every single artist they have

yg is the same, people who said yg is a good company and all are missing something

rougedelice replied to your post:red velvet is next tbh

sm is going to kill them haha why don’t they just leave and go to jyp the only down side is having “jyp” whispered at the beginning of all the songs seriously jyp is like the best company rn

but now the girls are hounded lmao, too late

but yea i think jyp is a “cool” company, it’s better than sm for sure


tanuki theme!!

in commemoration of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun. don’t forget

static previews: 「1」 2 3 / permalink page preview: 1   CODE


  • 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500 px posts 
  • choice of gradient / tile / cover or just plain color background
  • custom sidebar width
  • side picture on left or right
  • 3 post and sidebar border styles / or none
  • 3 round corner options / or none
  • post shadow on / off 
  • custom scroll bar on / off
  • pagination or endless scrolling
  • show / hide captions and tags
  • 10 font styles
  • i really like the audio player tbh isn’t it cute
  • also the permalinks are nice!nice 

let me know if there are any problems! i haven’t tested this on my main blog so i may have missed a thing or two


Suyin, Wei, and Wing don’t look too happy in those new metalbender mecha tanks…

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i had a dream yesterday…………………sm fired baekhyun and he was crying so hard lmao and tao came and laughed at him god……………..best dream i ever had tbh

but this morning i found out that jessica is not longer part of snsd and i was like “what the f* god why not baekhyun i thought it was the prophecy”